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Real Warrior's Pack

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The Warrior's Pack includes:

Warrior Gold Whey

High-quality protein containing whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate produced by using microfiltration technology. Warrior Labs is well known for making the highest quality products with natural ingredients. If muscle growth and overall health improvement is your priority, then 100% PROTEIN GOLD WHEY is the right choice!

More about Warrior Gold Whey HERE.

BCAA Amino

Even though today there is loads of various innovative and guarantee efficient products in the world of dietary supplements, we can find stable products, which even after years of influx of a new products, do not lose their importance and significance in sport supplementation. One of such products are also amino acids with branched chain that maybe you know under BCAA. However, BCAAs are not like BCAAs.

More about BCAA Amino HERE.

Extreme Pump Kamikadze

KAMIKAZE Extreme Pump is unbeatably the best product in its category. It contains verified ingredients, which provide increased production of nitric oxide such as AAKG, Citrulline Malate or the world’s new ingredient Agmatine Sulfate. The last mentioned ingredient took over the leading from “traditional” pumping assistants.

More about Extreme Pump Kamikadze HERE.

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