Real Carbs 1800g

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Contains complex carbohydrates

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Whatever goals you have with your body - gain muscle, lose weight or lift heavy weights - diet settings will be crucial in any case.

Yes, ideally you should have had a meal prepared a day ahead, so that no situation will catch you unprepared, but sometimes it happens that there is no time left for all of our evening cooking and boxing duties - and that's when there comes Rich Piano and his Real Carbs Complex.

Real Carbs Complex is a powder supplement that contains complex carbohydrates, represented by sweet potatoes, oat flakes and blueberries, which have a low glycemic index indicating that the sugar contained is digested and slowly absorbed. Glucose and insulin levels are not increased significantly and the feeling of hunger will come later.                

One dose contains 22g of carbohydrates and only 2g of sugar, plus a variety of delicious flavors such as banana cake and blueberry with which you definitely won't choose wrong!             

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