Liv 52 Nitro

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Healthy and functional liver!

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Liver – brown-red 1.5 kg organ situated in the upper abdominal cavity is rightly considered one of the most important and at the same time the hardest working organs of the human body - it performs approximately 500 functions to ensure its proper daily functioning. Among other things:           

  • blood filtration,
  • metabolism and nutrient conversion,
  • metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins,
  • immune responses,
  • supplies blood, vitamins and nutrients.

Well, the thing is - whatever you eat - any food or nutritional supplements (just by the way, that's why it is necessary to notice their quality!) is broken down by the digestive tract into nutrients that are subsequently absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, this blood is fed to the liver, where it is processed further - the individual nutrients decompose on the base, transforming the necessary substances into the body and removing the harmful substances. Purified blood enters the heart and then the bloodstream.               

You see it yourself - proper liver function is a prerequisite for overall health, which in turn affects the achievement of any goals. Building bulky muscles, reducing body fat, maximizing strength or performance - all with proper diet, training and supplementation plans, but only if your liver is 100% fit.                  

Although the liver has a high regenerative capacity due to constant contact with various substances, it is good to know that there are ingredients in nature that can significantly improve its health, such as those contained in the Himalaya Liv 52 Nitro Plus.         

Himalaya Liv 52 Nitro Plus is a natural complex of plant extracts for healthy and functional liver designed to protect, support and detoxify the liver. Nitro+ can also be used to prevent liver damage but also during overload of liver.        

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